I just got my Graze snack box, and here is what I think.

I’ve been looking to switch up my snacks. I guess it’s not healthy to eat candy all the time, and granola bars have been starting to get old. I knew I couldn’t eat fruits and vegetables all the time. Sorry. I’m not perfect.

That’s when I remembered that I’d been seeing advertisements for a new  snack company for which I’d been seeing advertisements. The advertisements were for a company called Graze and promised a free snack pack. You could get four free snacks by signing up for their service. Of course, when you sign up for the free package, you’re automatically signed up for recurring orders.

When you sign up, you are presented with a bunch (over 100) of possible snack options. Your mission is to work through the list of snacks and select the ones that look the most appetizing. They have sweet snacks and savory snacks, healthy snacks and some less-healthy snacks. I decided I liked about 2/3 of the snacks on the list. I didn’t want anything with raisins. They’re gross.

Graze compiled a box from my preferences and slapped it in the mail. I got the box about 1 and 1/2 weeks after I completed my order.

It came in simple packaging. The cardboard box that you see above was wrapped in two plastic strips to keep it sealed. Once cut, I was able to open the box. Inside, I was greeted by a delicious looking picture of a blackberry and my four snacks: a salted fudge and peanut cookie mix, a hickory smoked BBQ mix, a booster seeds mix, and a summer berry compote and whole grain shortbread combination.

I tried the salted fudge and peanut cookie mix first. The peanuts were a little stale, but the cookie pieces were good. They were chocolate flavored and had  nice, salty flavor to them. The mix was rounded out with small pieces of vanilla fudge. All in all, a rather inauspicious start.

Next, I tried the hickory smoked BBQ mix. The BBQ flavor was even-keeled–just the right amount of smoky. This mix included BBQ flavored peas, cashews, and corn nuts. If you like crunchy, this is the mix for you.

The booster seed mix was an unsalted mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds. While a little bland, I did enjoy the healthy mix and liked the protein it provided.

Finally, I tried the compote and cookies. The shortbread was tasty. The compote was most like raspberry jam. Both were good enough that I wished I had more than 3 pieces of shortbread to dip in the compote.

I decided to cancel my subscription because I did not want to pay for each box, but I couldn’t complete the cancellation. As I was working through the cancellation process, I was offered a second box for 1/2 price. I decided to try another box. For now, to be continued…