Review of The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough

Recently, I read David McCullough’s, The Wright Brothers. I recommend this book to anyone interested in reading about people who overcame insurmountable odds (including gravity) to change the way the whole world operates. They started as sons of a preacher, bicycle mechanics. They did not have billions to fund their endeavors. They started a company in their garage, the ultimate side gig, that changed the world. Click on one of the pictures below if you are interested in buying this book.

This was a fantastic book! In writing this book, David McCullough again shown his masterful ability to present history in a compelling way. 

How does this all relate to dads? David McCullough describes it best on page 18 of his book. A friend was speaking with Orville Wright, talking about how Orville and Wilbur epitomized the American Dream, of how someone with no special advantages could become someone who changed the world. Orville responded that he did have a special advantage. He grew up in a family where “there was much encouragement to intellectual curiosity.”

That should be a lesson to us all. Rather than spending all of our time in the pursuit of entertainment, we should spend a portion of our time encouraging our children’s intellectual curiosity. We should help our kids understand the world, and if not understand the world, we should help our kids understand to how to examine and analyze the world. Who knows what they may be able to accomplish.


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