One of the Most Important Elements to Being a Great Dad

This is my first blog post on the most important element of being a great dad. In my short time as a dad, I’ve discovered that this thing is more important than any other aspect of dad-hood–find and marry the right spouse. I am lucky enough to have been able to do that. Here is just one example.

My wife is amazing, and I am a nerd. That, I think, will be a common theme on this blog. Three years of studying in a law library is enough to suck the practical skills out of most normal people.  My wife, on the other hand, is incredibly handy. For example, she replaced the window switch in my ’99 Nissan Altima when the window stopped working so that I wouldn’t have to drive around in the middle of winter with my window stuck halfway up. My thought: Why don’t we just sue the manufacturer?

Well, she’s found herself a new project. She has decided that our bed is not fancy enough and that we need to update it. She managed to refurnish the sheets, pillows, and blankets, buying them at discounted prices. (She doesn’t pay full price for anything.) Next on the list, actually building a headboard. She is going to construct a piece of furniture out of wood and fabric and staples. She’s going to use a staple gun.

My wife is amazing, and that, my friends, is the most important element of being a great dad. Keep reading for a description of and some pictures of her headboard designing process.

She researched headboard designs online, pouring over pictures until she found the design that would be right for us. Then, she searched websites to find a design. Now, she’s working through the design process. Here are some pictures:

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